Guest Musician Caoimhe de Paor

Meet Caoimhe

Why did you start playing the recorder?
My parents were both musical  (they actually met in a Brass and Reed band!) and wanted my sisters and I to enjoy a musical education from a young age. The recorder is always a good way in to the music world, isn’t it? Little did I (or my parents) know that I would end up playing it forever!!!

How often do you play?
Lots of the time… especially with my recorder friends from Palisander (our recorder quartet) We meet at least once a week. Friday is Palisander day 🙂

Can you share a favourite video or song with us?
I’m really enjoying listening to this music at the moment. The Liberty Bell March reminds me of my routes back in Ireland playing with my family in a Brass and Reed band on my clarinet. I can’t help, but smile and move when I hear it 🙂 The music starts at 48 second in. Wait until you hear the trombones!!

How could I get started playing the recorder?
The recorder is so great because it is so easily accessible. You can buy a good one for not too much money and there are lots of great tuition books out there. Lots of useful videos on Youtube , although you can’t beat a real-life teacher!

What is your favourite sound to make?
I really enjoy making funky sound effects on my recorders. Humming into the recorder while I also play it is always a fun one to do. It creates a kind of buzzy sound!

What is your favourite music to play?
I LOVE the sound of recorders playing together. So anything at all where this sound world is encapsulated 🙂 My favourite piece to play with Palisander at the moment is Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue (originally for organ). With four recorders playing together, it really still sounds like an organ!

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