Guest Musician Matthew Wilsher

Meet Matthew

Why did you start playing the clarinet?
I started playing the recorder in year 1 and I loved it. Then, when I was in year 4, my mum found an old clarinet under her bed! So I played it, and because I really liked the sound it made, I kept playing, and have been playing ever since!

How often do you play?
Before lockdown, I played loads and loads, with lots of different people all over the country! At the moment I don’t play as much, but still try to play every day. 

Can you share a favourite video or song with us?
I love the clarinet because it sounds like a person singing! This is one of my favourite clarinet players, Andreas Ottensamer, playing a piece by Mozart. I think it sounds like an opera singer, singing about the countryside in the spring.

How could I get started playing the clarinet?
Sometimes it’s easier to start playing something a bit smaller, like the recorder, like I did. Then, when you’re about 7 or 8, ask at your school or local music service about clarinet lessons.

What is your favourite sound to make?
I like making really low and really quiet sounds, because it sounds very mysterious and sneaky. 

What is your favourite music to play?
I like playing music in orchestras, because I love playing with other people! It’s like talking to each other with music!

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