Yusuf Narcin

Meet Yusuf

Why did you start playing the trombone?
I loved the silliness! It’s so slidey and is such an animated playing experience. I have now grown to enjoy some of the more gentle and tender sounds the instrument is capable of, but when I was 9 years old. (19 years ago!) all I wanted to do was make big noises with maximum comic effect.

How often do you play?
Every single day, though I have just had 2 months off after having a tooth implant, the longest I’ve ever gone without blowing a note since starting…

How could I get started playing the trombone?
Blow a rasberry!

What is your favourite sound to make?
Big, phat, big band POW sounds (like in James Bond)

What is your favourite music to play?
I love to play as part of a section, whether it be classical, jazz or any other kind of music. The feeling of coming together as a team, and then hearing the unified sound is such a joy!

Can you share a favourite video or song with us?
Behold the fantastic Mnozil Brass, from Austria!


Yusaf’s Band, Tarsus

Why did you start playing as a band?
Three of us Yusuf, Elly, and Joseph live together, and found ourselves stuck together in lockdown from March last year. We all play music individually, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to finally put together a little group! Cabbar our percussionist joined us once lockdown had loosened a little and we were allowed to rehearse together and do some live-streamed, socially-distanced gigs.

How often do you play?
We rehearse as often as we can — and as 3 of us live together, we can arrange to practise together at short notice, when we all feel like it!

How could I get started playing in a band?
There are two ways I think. One is: with your friends, find and decide on your instruments/roles and form a band together with your friends. Two is: with your instrument or your voice, find some new friends and join what they’re already doing, or have an idea for a sound that you want to make, and ask new friends to come and join you.

What is your favourite sound to make together?
Yusuf makes low sounds, Elly makes high sounds, Joseph makes in-between sounds, and Cabbar makes taps, bangs, scrapes, bishes and bashes, pops and clicks and we mix those all together to make sounds to dance to — fast and slow — sounds to sing to — loud and quiet — and sounds to listen to.

What is your favourite music to play together?
We try to play a wide range of music from all over the world. Some of our favourite things are folk music from Brazil, and music from the Balkans and Anatolia.

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