Musical Beacons South East

Newhaven, Eastbourne & Hastings

Joining families through music

Musical Beacons has been working alongside East Sussex Young Parents Service and Turner House to take Newhaven, Eastbourne and Hastings families on exciting music making adventures!
We have been singing songs, playing sensory games and exploring instruments to create our own soundworlds.
We have also been using Musical Beacons Activity Cards to try playful music making with little ones outside of the group music sessions. If you are currently exploring the Activity Cards in your own time, you might want to accompany them with one of our Musical Beacons soundworlds below. Just put one of these tracks on in the background and get inspired to have fun exploring your voices, instruments and sound makers!
Choose your card, choose your soundworld and have fun playing!
Musical Beacons South East is run by Hannah and Fernando.
Hannah Dunster Soundcatle Co-director
Soundcastle Co-director
Associate facilitator Fernando Machado
Associate facilitator
Associate facilitator

Musical Beacon Resource Cards

Musical Beacons Resource Cards

If you would like to listen to some of the music made by ESYPS parents and their children, check out this playlist of greatest hits from our 2021 sessions!

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